Highest Standards

Talon Plumbing stands behind all of its work with a one year warranty on all labor.  We also use only quality parts and materials that carry similar or greater warranty so you can be assured that our plumbing repairs will last.

Property Mgmt Plumbers

Talon Plumbing understands the unique requirements of the Property Management Industry.  We deliver quick & immediate response, excellent communication, good customer service and low prices for your high volume demands.

Trusted Service Vendor

Talon Plumbing is the plumbing vendor for some of the most reputable municipalities and corporations in the Southeast! Why? Because they trust that we’ll get the job done right, effective and excellent for the right price.

Plumbing Technology

Talon Plumbing utilizes the latest plumbing technology you can find to save us both time and money! Trenchless water and sewer technology, scientific leak detection, and many more capabilities that the other outfits just don’t have.

City of Atlanta’s Plumbing Choice

For the fifth year in a row, Talon Plumbing is the City of Atlanta’s choice for service plumber for all municipal buildings, parks and recreations, fire and rescue and watershed management plumbing repairs!  Congratulations to all of us!

Gwinnett County’s Plumbing Choice

Two years in a row chosen by Gwinnett County to make all plumbing repairs to county municipal buildings, parks and recreations.  Quick and great rendering of service service withstands even the toughest standards and municipal criteria! Kudos!

Thousands of Happy Customer’s Choice

Check out and review what thousands of our satisfied homeowners are saying about Talon Plumbing services at our plumber reviews.  Eligible, reputable and credible FIVE STAR RATINGS on our price, convenience and quality of services!


Customer reviews

They made my dreams came true!

They responded to my requests with ease and great cooperation. The service provided are seamless and quality. I could not ask for any plumbing services than theirs. Highly recommended!


Best team for any purpose!

The team that worked and handled my requests are very diligent and courteous as well. They managed to finish the repairs ahead of time with great quality at a very good price. So far, I trust this servicemen more than any other servicemen out there!